Our foundations are, on the one hand, the experience acquired on board during our years of work as deck officers, and on the other, the experience acquired as marine and cargo surveyors, and supercargo in previous companies of the sector. The daily work in different types of ships and docks, and with different goods, in a medium as dynamic and changing as the maritime world, make us direct connoisseur of the medium, its problems and its innovations.

The personal attention with our clients is our priority: always close and in real time. We consider ourselves as part of your team and we want to be your support throughout all the process, trying to know in advance the problems that could arise and affect the operations. Our fundamental principles are the seriousness in working with objectivity and truth in our information.

Based in Santander, we serve your requirements in any port, both Spanish and international, as well as pre-loading inspections at the manufacturing sites of the good.

We are at your disposal 365 days a year and always giving a quick response.